What Makes Strategy Board Games So Much Fun To Play With Friends?

Winston Churchill, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jefferson and Madison among other great men in the universe had one thing in common – they enjoyed playing board games. Back in the day, they did not have the complicated advancement that strategy board games face today, but chess made them stay on the table until the crack of dawn if not wee hours of the morning.

They were fun since back in the day

Since the beginning of civilization up to now, strategy board games have secured a place in the minds and hearts of men and women. The intrusion of video games may have taken the fun out of the board for the young generation, but they have still proven to be effective in passing the time. What makes them fun to play with friends? It might be complicated since everyone has their reason why they venture in a Game of Thrones Board or the popular Terra Mystica. When I’m playing, I always have to make a difficult choice, and if I outsmart my friends, my cards have a better possibility of leading me to victory.

Even after discussing what makes them enjoy the game every time they storm at my place, the response was subjective. However, there are some things that we all spoke about in different ways though.

Gaining the mastery

Any easy game that we can capture all the tricks in the first round is only annoying. Why? The minute anyone can manipulate the basics and the result turn to easy winning after a few tackles, the game loses its fun value. Picking a strategy board game with rules that made us revisit the book now and then made it an everyday duty to gain competitiveness against the pros. How long it took to get to the next step after the beginning is what made it more appealing.

Varying options in the game

Playing Game of Thrones or Risk: Legacy opens up numerous opportunities that each of the players can explore. Since we all have many cards on the table to shuffle and make a move, each of the participants’ encounters many changes that they can adapt to. The diversity of variance that can be used in a game expands the level of enjoyment, and the vice versa does the opposite. More variation makes the board game less frustrating.

No control of the outcome

Terra Mystica is one of the strategy board games that if you don’t know what the turnout is, it might bring some disliking. However, going randomly in a light way gets things interesting for a game like Chess or Martian Dice. It is always tricky not knowing what is going to happen next, but it makes the players get better at strategizing. We also noticed how often one would lose the battle regardless of what their plan was.

Mechanics and theme integration

Some of us are always interested in a board game if it has a unique mechanism that makes you repeat the play more often. When an enthralling theme is incorporated, the game becomes more captivating – a reason that made us go for the GoT (Game of Thrones) strategy board. We were divided on the opinion of a thrilling theme since I was on the idea that the mechanics are more important than the theme itself.

Other factors that made the strategy board game interesting

Ability to play anywhere

Back in the day, soldiers during the Second World War carried pieces of paper to play chess back in the camp. When comparing the top strategy board games to the current day video games, the prior doesn’t require to be powered up. So, if you are in a place where there are no lights, they serve as the next best thing to kill time. They are great companions when we go out for camping.

Perfect time to socialize

Since there is no one burying their heads on screens, board games always open the chance for us to have a face to face interaction. As opposed to video games, board games don’t take all our concentration, so you don’t have to be fully attentive. It is what creates the perfect time for us to have a little chit chat about a coyote that was found dead near our neighbor’s house or last night’s noise and what it was all about.

Strategy board games always come along nicely. The game process creates some interesting questions as everyone upgrades their intellect. So, what are you doing during the weekend or vacation? Drop the gaming pads and layout the strategy board.

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