4 Tips Beginners Can Use To Grow A Beard

Trends come and go, but beards are timeless. Beards can turn a baby face into a rugged, manly face. They may be difficult to maintain, but starting one can be even harder. For some men, facial hair seems to grow and grow and never stop. For others, facial hair may only grow in certain spots, and do so very slowly. If you are trying to get your beard started, don’t get discouraged. We asked Robert Brown from Grooming Adepts to give us four tips to help beginners get started growing your beard.

Don’t Shave

You have probably heard that if you want your hair to grow, whether it is on your head or on your face, that you have to trim it regularly. This will only work up to a certain point though. At some point, you are just prolonging the beard growing process instead of speeding it up. When you are first getting started it can be tempting to shave because your beard probably will not come in even and it may even be pretty scraggly. But whatever you do, don’t shave! It will look less than perfect for a little bit, but it should correct itself. And if it does not correct itself, eventually you can trim and shape it, but in the beginning, do not shave.

If this is really proving to be too difficult, just throw your razor away or hide it somewhere you do not look every day. When I first started growing my beard, it was itchy and I wanted to shave it so bad. Each morning when I brushed my teeth, I saw my razor sitting by my sink and each day I thought about shaving it. Eventually, I hid my razor so I did not think about it, and that seemed to do the trick.


Not that you really needed another reason to hit the gym, believe it or not, lack of exercise could be what’s holding you back from the full, perfect beard of your dreams. Exercise, of any kind, will promote circulation throughout your body, which will in turn promote hair growth. This is true for both beard hair and the hair on your head. Try to exercise regularly, at least 3 or 4 times a week, and make sure you get your heart pumping!

If you are already a very active person, that’s great, you’re already one step closer. There is really no need to work out even more, do not push yourself too hard and over exhaust yourself. Just be sure to keep doing your regular routine and stay active. If you are not already active, a good place to start might be a quick 20 or 30 minute jog each day. You want to make sure you get your heart rate up, this is how you know blood is getting circulated really well. If jogging is not your thing, there is an endless number of exercises you can do, so do whatever works best for you.

Eat Better

Surprise! Diet and exercise go together in more way than one. If you are trying to grow your beard, exercising more and eating better will definitely boost beard growth. Make sure to cut out all the junk and eat as healthy as you can. Make sure to get plenty of protein from various sources, do not get all of your daily protein from red meat. Instead, mix it up with chicken, fish, leafy greens, broccoli, nuts, carrots, and legumes. A well balanced diet is key to a healthy beard.

Be Patient

Like I said earlier, beard hair grows in at different rates for everybody. Some men will have almost a full beard after not shaving for a week, while others will only have a little bit of stubble after shaving for a week. So, if you are getting frustrated waiting for your beard to grow and fill in, just be patient. There is no magic answer or overnight solution, growing a beard is a process. It may feel like forever, but once you get that beard, the wait is worth it.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

This is by no means a complete guide on how to grow your beard. This is just a few quick tips that you can do right away, without spending money. These tips are a great place to start, but on your journey, you may choose to take additional steps as well. For example, you may choose to use various products on your beard that are intended to promote growth, or reduce itchiness, and that is perfectly fine. As you go along, you will learn more and more about growing and maintaining your beard, but throughout it all, keep these tips in mind and you will have great success growing your beard.

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