How to Get Kids to Clean Their Room

If you’re a parent to a kid, of pretty much any age, you know how much of a nightmare it can be trying to get them to clean their room. You cleaned it last time, and the time before that, but you swore you wouldn’t do it again, it’s time for them to do it themselves. When the time comes, you can try some of these tips to help get your kids cleaning their own room.

Set the Standards

Multiple times now I have told my kids to clean their room only to hear, “but mom, it’s already clean”. Upon which I go and inspect the room, only to find all of the trash stuffed under the bed and clothes crammed into the closet. It’s not hard to imagine kids and adults having different standards of clean this is why you need to lay down clear standards on what it means to have a clean room.

For me, this means sitting down and making a list with my kids, which is what I recommend you doing too. Make a detailed list of everything that needs to be done, such as:

  • Pick up trash
  • Making the bed
  • Put dirty clothes in the hamper (this step can include actually washing the clothes for older kids)
  • Vacuuming

This helps you can your child stay on the same page and have the same standards of “clean”.

Clean Together

I have found that it is easier to begin by cleaning together. Get them help with small things around the house. Then, start on their room and clean it top to bottom with them. Show them how you expect things to be done, and then give them a chance to do it.

You may have to clean together multiple times, and that’s totally fine, as long as you are not the only one cleaning. Cleaning with your child can be a great bonding and learning experience for both of you.

Let Them Decorate Their Own Room

Letting them choose how their room is set up will give them a sense of ownership and pride in their room. This makes them more likely to clean it and keep it clean. If they have a room that they really like, they’ll always wants it in the best condition. Obviously, don’t go crazy and totally remodel their room and install a jungle gym, but moving around furniture is free and relatively easy.

There are tons of little things you can let your child do to personalize their room and give them a sense of pride. It’s also a lot easier to get them to clean a room they want to clean than it is to fight with them, and sometimes parenting is about compromising.

Throw Out Junk

One reason your kid’s room is always a mess might be because they have too much stuff. Sometimes throwing stuff out can be harder than cleaning, but it is important to be firm and explain to your child that they have too much stuff. Explain that if they haven’t used it in the past month, it probably isn’t worth keeping.

If your child is hell bent against throwing out some of his toys, explain donating them. I basically told my children, “you haven’t used this toy in so long, don’t you think it wants to be played with? If we donate it we can have room for more toys, and another little kid will get to play with it and it’ll make them soo happy.” That did the trick for me, but you might have to be a little more creative.

Set an Example for Your Kids

Whether it is keeping your room clean, or eating vegetables, the last thing you want is for your kid to call you out on your hypocrisy, “but mom, you didn’t blah blah blah”. It can be embarrassing and definitely weakens whatever argument you are trying to make, so set a good example for your kids.

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Baby Care Mentor Review

Welcoming a baby and then raising them, is probably the hardest thing you’ll ever do in life but also the most rewarding. Parenting comes with a unique set of challenges that you won’t find anywhere else in life. It takes a lot of time to learn and get the hang of everything before you feel like you’re a pro.

It can definitely be overwhelming but maybe my troubles will help you feel a little bit better. When I had my first daughter it seemed like everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. I went into labor 2 weeks early and spent 14 hours in labor before she decided to make her arrival. I almost had to have an emergency C-section because she was breech and did not want to flip. But they were able to flip her and after another two hours of pushing she finally came out, weighing almost 10 lb. The pain was like I had never felt before and I felt like I might pass out. But it was all worth it when I finally got to hold my big baby and kiss her warm head.

Still, I had no clue what was in store for me after giving birth. I read all the books, and did all the research. I went to all the classes and prepared as best as I could, but you never know truly what you’ve gotten into until you’re left alone with the baby and you have to figure it out yourself. Suddenly, you forget everything you read and the only thing you can think about is this life that completely depends on you and you can’t let them down.

I thought I was going to be prepared and that I could handle anything. But when the nurses left the room I felt hopeless and lost. I had never held something that was so helpless, I was scared I was going to break her. Human babies come out way earlier than they’re supposed to and you kind of have to guide them and keep them alive completely by yourself. The baby doesn’t do too much to help out, in fact, some days will seem like they are doing everything they can to make it harder on you. If you already have kids you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. And if you don’t have kids I’m probably scaring you right now, but don’t be scared. Having kids is one of the greatest things and one of the few miracles that you will experience in life.

The more help you have the easier it is, but help is not always easy to come across. Not everyone has a great support system or tons of people who will rally around them and help them along the way. And even those who do have tons of people helping and a great support system, there’s always going to be something that you don’t know, it’s impossible to learn everything, especially on your first kid. This is where comes in and saves the day.

I was lucky enough to have a really great support system, but even still there were things that they did not know or that I was too embarrassed to ask, such as questions about breastfeeding. I assumed the breastfeeding was instinctual and would come to me naturally but I had a lot of trouble in the beginning and my lactation consultant didn’t seem to be much help. I wish someone had told me about baby care mentor because they have an article all about breastfeeding and the different things that nobody really tells you about before you give birth. I think if I would have read this before hand I would have gone in with lower expectations and known what to do a little bit more. Instead of freaking out and feeling like I was failing I could have taken solace in the fact that millions of women have trouble breastfeeding.

That article has a lot to offer and I recommend it to any expecting mother. But it’s not only that one article that is great the entire website is full of great content that will help parents of any age be the best parent they can be. If you have never heard of baby care of mentor or have never bothered to check it out today is the day go see what you’re missing out on and if you like it they have a newsletter you can subscribe to. It is one of my favorite parenting sites and I think it could be yours too.

4 Tips Beginners Can Use To Grow A Beard

Trends come and go, but beards are timeless. Beards can turn a baby face into a rugged, manly face. They may be difficult to maintain, but starting one can be even harder. For some men, facial hair seems to grow and grow and never stop. For others, facial hair may only grow in certain spots, and do so very slowly. If you are trying to get your beard started, don’t get discouraged. We asked Robert Brown from Grooming Adepts to give us four tips to help beginners get started growing your beard.

Don’t Shave

You have probably heard that if you want your hair to grow, whether it is on your head or on your face, that you have to trim it regularly. This will only work up to a certain point though. At some point, you are just prolonging the beard growing process instead of speeding it up. When you are first getting started it can be tempting to shave because your beard probably will not come in even and it may even be pretty scraggly. But whatever you do, don’t shave! It will look less than perfect for a little bit, but it should correct itself. And if it does not correct itself, eventually you can trim and shape it, but in the beginning, do not shave.

If this is really proving to be too difficult, just throw your razor away or hide it somewhere you do not look every day. When I first started growing my beard, it was itchy and I wanted to shave it so bad. Each morning when I brushed my teeth, I saw my razor sitting by my sink and each day I thought about shaving it. Eventually, I hid my razor so I did not think about it, and that seemed to do the trick.


Not that you really needed another reason to hit the gym, believe it or not, lack of exercise could be what’s holding you back from the full, perfect beard of your dreams. Exercise, of any kind, will promote circulation throughout your body, which will in turn promote hair growth. This is true for both beard hair and the hair on your head. Try to exercise regularly, at least 3 or 4 times a week, and make sure you get your heart pumping!

If you are already a very active person, that’s great, you’re already one step closer. There is really no need to work out even more, do not push yourself too hard and over exhaust yourself. Just be sure to keep doing your regular routine and stay active. If you are not already active, a good place to start might be a quick 20 or 30 minute jog each day. You want to make sure you get your heart rate up, this is how you know blood is getting circulated really well. If jogging is not your thing, there is an endless number of exercises you can do, so do whatever works best for you.

Eat Better

Surprise! Diet and exercise go together in more way than one. If you are trying to grow your beard, exercising more and eating better will definitely boost beard growth. Make sure to cut out all the junk and eat as healthy as you can. Make sure to get plenty of protein from various sources, do not get all of your daily protein from red meat. Instead, mix it up with chicken, fish, leafy greens, broccoli, nuts, carrots, and legumes. A well balanced diet is key to a healthy beard.

Be Patient

Like I said earlier, beard hair grows in at different rates for everybody. Some men will have almost a full beard after not shaving for a week, while others will only have a little bit of stubble after shaving for a week. So, if you are getting frustrated waiting for your beard to grow and fill in, just be patient. There is no magic answer or overnight solution, growing a beard is a process. It may feel like forever, but once you get that beard, the wait is worth it.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

This is by no means a complete guide on how to grow your beard. This is just a few quick tips that you can do right away, without spending money. These tips are a great place to start, but on your journey, you may choose to take additional steps as well. For example, you may choose to use various products on your beard that are intended to promote growth, or reduce itchiness, and that is perfectly fine. As you go along, you will learn more and more about growing and maintaining your beard, but throughout it all, keep these tips in mind and you will have great success growing your beard.

Tips on How to Stop Hair Loss in Men and Women

MASSAGE YOUR HEAD — Rub your head when you wash your hair. The rubbing action boosts blood circulation which brings nutrients to the scalp. And use a lavender scented shampoo! Breathing in the soothing aroma helps relieve stress which in turn helps reduce hair loss.

TAKE LYSINE — Women who increase their intake of the amino acid lysine can see a marked improvement in hair growth within 4 months. Lysine makes ferritin, an iron storing protein that maximizes hair growth. Lysine also reduces anxiety. Lysine can be found with in the vitamin section of any store.

TAKE FISH OIL SUPPLEMENTS — Fish oil supplements are one of the cheapest supplements you can buy and are not only wonderful for healthy hair growth but for your health in general. You can buy fish oil pills in the vitamin section of practically any store and you can get them coated so there is no fishy after taste.

TAKE B VITAMINS — B vitamins help reduce stress and are also needed to manufacture keratin, the fibrous protein that forms healthy hair. For shiny, healthy hair and more inner calm be sure you get an ample supply of B vitamins folate and B12 either by eating salmon, yogurt and eggs or by taking a daily supplement. Ask your doctor how much is right for you.

SNACK ON NUTS — A handful of nuts now and then are a good way to promote hair growth since they provide essential fatty acids. Oily nuts like walnuts and almonds are a good choice. Keep some in a baggie in your purse or pocket and snack on them throughout the day.

EAT PROTEIN — Protein is required to grow hair cells. Lean proteins such as lean beef, chicken and fish are your best bet. Oily fish like salmon and mackerel is also a very good choice, not only for healthy hair but also for a healthy heart.

EAT FRESH FRUITS AND VEGGIES — Eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day will give you a nice variety of the vitamins you need to promote healthy hair growth. Munch on raw vegetables and fruits when you can. Dark leafy greens are always a good choice not only for hair health but for complete health.

DRINK WATER — One of the easiest ways to help promote hair growth and to keep the hair you already have on your head is to drink plenty of water. You need to stay hydrated! Keep a water bottle with you at all times and sip on water throughout the day. This is not only great for your hair but also great for your diet too!